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Information Communication Technologies (ICT)

Welcome to the ICT page.

ICT is such a powerful medium for education and as we are living in a 'Technological Age' it is essential that students are provided with the skills to utilise technology safely and in ways that maximise their learning opportunities. Many students arrive at school with well developed abilities to utilise technologies and when viewed through the lenses of Piaget's constructivist learning, Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development and Bruner's concept of scaffolding learning, it becomes crucial that these tools are promoted and effectively integrated into learning as this is strongly reflected through the evidenced research base.

The affordances are infinite and through authentic learning tasks, students can expand their learning via social interactions that enhance learning and are motivating and highly engaging at the same time. With the emergence of the Web 2.0 phenomenon, the web has expanded to incorporate many tools that enable the social element of learning in a greatly different way to more traditional methods of learning.

This does not mean that older pedagogies are thrown out the window at all but that the newer modes of learning are here to stay and in many ways provide enhanced ways to develop student learning that value-add.

I have been motivated by a number of short videos that are posted below. Hope you are too!











Some examples of ideas for integrating authentic ICT learning into the classroom can be through...


Class Blog

Movie Making

Acid XPress or Garage Band for loop based composition

Audacity or Garage Band for Podcasting


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