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Learning and Teaching with ICT

Assignment 1: Conclusion

Affordances of an Educational Technology (Wikis)

Wikis are able to provide an immensely large benefit to student learning and the ideas for use of these in the classroom are limitless. With a substantial amount of time for students to work collaboratively on wiki tasks and with sufficient practicing of editing and social skills, student motivation and engagement with this online medium has the power to transform learning and connect students with the 21st Century. The affordances that wikis can provide and the availability of technologies demonstrates the benefits they are able to provide to student learning by requiring a higher order level of thinking including creative and critical thinking skills. As with all education, it is important to remember that learning does not just happen, nor can it be left to chance. It is the way in which the technology such as wikis is incorporated into student learning through authentic tasks that have a strong cognitive base. With tasks that are realistic and linked to real world experiences, students can connect to their existing knowledge base and build upon this. Herrington, Reeves and Oliver (2010) affirm that tasks need not be real but cognitively real and this means that students need to see relevance in tasks they complete and that the task could exemplify something that an expert in the field is required to do. It is important to consider some of the limitations with using wikis, however most limitations just require careful planning, preparation and modification. Wikis provide a fantastic medium for students to represent their learning and it is this online medium that characterises the Web 2.0 phenomenon.


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