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Learning and Teaching with ICT

Assignment 2: Conclusion

Trends and Issues (Wikis)


Wikis provide a plethora of affordances that enhance student learning in many ways that have not been a focus in the past. As students are prepared for the 21st Century, a shift in thinking is required to harness all the strengths that such technologies can provide. Across the small body of research, there is a positive trend towards using wikis to develop students’ higher order thinking skills, collaborative skills and technological literacies to enhance learning and to prepare them for the future. Often, the issues that arise can be resolved through careful prior planning or preparing of students for the task so they are scaffolded and set up to succeed. With future research, further investigations could be made into the use of wikis in education across a wider range of learning areas, educational sectors and systems across the world and this will provide further insight into trends and issues that may occur and be discovered. Wikis are motivating and engaging to students and can be used at any age level in varying degrees. It is very exciting to have such new tools for learning and the potential for the future is immense.


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