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Learning and Teaching with ICT

Assignment 3: Extension

Unit of Work: Authentic Learning Environment (Bullying Wiki)


The Bullying Wiki contains a task that can be used for groups who have completed the main task. The extension task asks students to design a play with a bullying theme that includes at least three different online resources including Web 2.0 tools. This can provide students with opportunities to consolidate skills learned with specific tools in the first task or a chance to try some different tools and extend their skills. More opportunities to practice and rehearse cooperative and collaborative group skills can also be facilitated through this task.

Students can also be scaffolded into creating their own threads using the ‘Discussion’ pages within the wiki and by responding to those posted by other students or the teacher. Adding this further element of reflection would be valuable, especially where students create ideas for discussion or comment as this is a high level of thinking that requires synthesis and analysis of ideas.

Another option for extension is where students could rehearse and video record their presentation of the finished product. Students could devise five or six criteria based upon how they would determine their level of success. They could then create a Self Assessment Rubric for their presentation and then after making the recording, fill it out or ask some of their peers to assess them against this rubric.

Students could also be provided with many other tasks to develop their technological literacy and understanding of bullying. Students could be asked to develop a website that teaches others about bullying utilising some of the tools they have used in the Bullying Wiki or create their own wiki that educates others about bullying and the effects of this.

For students to expand their skills with wikis, they could create a new wiki based on a theme of their choice that could be based on their favourite type of music or sport. Other students that have completed their initial task could access these wikis and add comments and information to enhance the work of their peers.


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