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Learning and Teaching with ICT

Assignment 3: Introduction

Unit of Work: Authentic Learning Environment (Bullying Wiki)


Wikis provide a fantastic platform for a range of 21st Century educational opportunities.  These include wikis as a catalyst for collaborative learning, shared knowledge construction, extension of higher level thinking skills and opportunities for e-learning. The affordances are vast and motivation for students at any educational phase can be very high, thus increasing engagement and providing for purposeful outcomes with careful and strategic planning.

I have created an authentic task for students in middle to upper primary school that is based upon the theme of bullying. This task encompasses most of the elements of an authentic learning task and tackles this extremely important theme. Students are provided with collaborative opportunities to investigate the concept of bullying including targeted strategies to deal with such experiences and devise a multimodal technological product that promotes understanding of the topic. For maximum benefits to be achieved through student self directed and collaborative learning, teacher facilitation can be supported by using a variety of strategies before, during and after implementation of the wiki. Extension work has also been designed to supplement the main wiki activities and is designed to further enhance student understanding and rehearsal of skills for which the wiki has been designed.

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